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Re: Maulbruter Fry

Hey Sal, 
	Don't separate them!!! My recommendation is try to put more stuff in that
tank for the male to hide. If she loses the contact with the male
physically, and if the male will not learn/tolerate the
abusiveness/agressiveness of the female. They will (very highly) not spawn
together again. I had tried separate them in the past and when the pair get
back together. They don't spawn.

At 04:16 PM 6/12/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks John.. I think this experience warrants an article.. At this point
>she's terrorizing the male, I might have to get  him out! (they're in a 30
>GL tank)..you figure??!! Oh, by the way..small spawn..8-10 fry.

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