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Dicrossus sp


I have a few questions...

I picked up about 20 species of a checkerboard cichlid, they were listed on the invoice as Crenicara maculata. Ive had them for a few monthes now, they are about 1-1.5 inches. I cannot tell any sexual dimorphism because they all look like females. A few of them look like there tails might get some pattern in it, but it is hard to tell.
I know I am not keeping them properly right now, but today or tommarow as I start moving my fish into my new fishroom. They will get the proper headquaters!
Question 1: What species of checkerboard are they? they look like both filamentosus and maculatus. (they came in a shipment from Columbia)
Question 2: What is the proper way to keep them? (right now they are in a planted 33 with driftwood, caves and lots of plants. The ph is about 6.7 and the water has no hardness, however I dont have a conductivity meter to tell, but it is low.
Question 3: Is it possible I have all females, or under the right conditions the males will apear?


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