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Re: aside to Coby

In a message dated 6/18/2002 1:36:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time, amazonqueen@comcast.net writes:

I am NOT (I wonder if I could type that word even bigger?) a chemist...
there are people on this list far better educated about how water and
everything therein "work." Having said that, I don't think peat buffers
in any way useful to an aquarist (ducking and running...?).
Your post this afternoon said that the pH was 6.3; that of this evening
said it was slowly rising, you had added pH Down, and it is now 5.5.
Thing one: if you have peat in water with almost no hardness, you either

  I couldn't resist here....I am
Not a chemist either. But, I wonder sometimes who is down there dumping all those buffers into the Orinoco.

  To Quote my mentor K. I. S. S.(keep it simple stupid) and also to quote another successful dwarf breeder "It's all about the DOCs." Water changes, water changes and more water changes. Throw away your chemistry set and just try to make them feel like they are at home. And be patient. And if all else fails. Write to Zack Wilson he's always looking for someone to talk too.<G>
                                                     My 2 cents
I know who asked me?
Just needed that release thanks!