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Round 2

Hey all....

Round one with Diplo eggs was a failure... 

As of this evening i see my female is guarding her second clutch of
creamy sandy white eggs.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed hoping that this time is the charm...

On the Maulbruter note.... i got brave and added my 2 wild caught older
females in with my new pair...... so far so good.... the younger female
ruled the tank for the first few days.. now the older females are no
longer hiding for their lives and have turned nice yellow.... lets keep
our fingers crossed here too....and to add to my wonderful day of
potential spawnings.... my Nijsenni and Juruensis have all turned bright
yellow and look like they might give me some eggs soon... I might
actually have to add a few more 10 gallon tanks to put all the recent

Oh well..... was a beautiful day here in the adirondacks..... sun
shined, was warm and NO snow over 28 days now!!!   Which means we're


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