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How do I talk my aggie into spawning again?

Hi y'all,

I am a bit confused about my female apisto's behavior.

My new aggie female laid and ate her first batch of eggs two
weeks ago (nothing really surprising here).  She is still
bright yellow and acting like she is guarding eggs/fry,
although she has none.  I moved the pair out of a quarantine
tank and into a heavily planted 20L a week ago.  She is
still acting like she is guarding something, nudging her
husband to stay out of her area.  She finally stopped
signaling daphnia.  I am hoping that she gets over this "I
miss my babies" kick soon.  My trifasciata female did the
very same thing for a long time although in her case it
appears to be a real good tactic to fool her mate (a real
devil) to leave her alone.

So is my aggie female just confused or cleverly thwarting
the male?


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