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pH vs. TDS


This is really helpful stuff.  A question, though:  Do you find that a
simple chemical lowering of pH is as effective as lowering TDS or
conductivity?  Using the acid is much easier - assuming all the necessary
precautions are taken - than going the RO route.  I guess it boils down to
softness (or low TDS) vs. acidity.  And, I guess the effectiveness should be
measured for this purpose by gauging the effects on fish for health and/or
spawning activity.


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From: "Mike & Diane Wise" <apistowise@fgn.net>

> This is a concentrated form of HCl, 37% by volume.
> This is extremely caustic. It dissolves holes in
> most clothing, corrodes most metal surfaces, & the
> fumes will damage your respiratory system. This
> acid should be kept out of the hands of children
> and people too stupid to handle it properly. I
> store mine in a locked wooden cabinet, sitting on
> a piece of slate. To use it for testing dilute it
> 1 part acid to 7 parts water. ALWAYS add acid to
> water. Do it the other way & it may vaporize the
> water and splatter acid. I have also used it in a
> concentrated form to lower the pH in my soft
> water. About 5 ml of concentrated acid will drop
> the pH of 20 gallons (75 liters) of my tap water
> from 7.4 to 5.0 instantly. Obviously I mix in in
> vats, not my aquaria.
> Mike Wise

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