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Re: pH vs. TDS

In a message dated 6/26/2002 11:45:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, apistowise@fgn.net writes:

For me, with tap water with a KH of 1.5º, the increase in conductivity is almost
negligible. For people with really hard water, the pH can only be lowered by
removing carbonate hardness. This will require more acid than in soft water, and
the increase in conductivity is not a good idea. HCl doesn't increase the TDS
very much because chloride ions are not a strong hardening agent. Chloride ions,
however, will raise the electrical conductivity considerably. I wouldn't suggest
using HCl to lower pH without checking to see what it does to your conductivity.
For most soft water fish, increased conductivity is just as detrimental as high

Mike Wise

  Okay Mike,
  now you got me thinking here. You know I hate to do that.<G> I forget the last time I checked via liquid test what the actual break down of my tap water is. I know it does change slightly with the seasons probably due to increase of chemicals in summer to keep bacteria out of large city water supplies I suppose. I hate the part they put on the water report that no one but, me and some other fish guys read. It says, "Should be okay for human consumption," geezz that makes me feel good.

  Now my understanding TDS is a Total of dissolved solids (Calcium, and stuff like that) I was also under the impression that the TDS took into account the total Carbonate hardness and general hardness. Now I understand that the reading on the meter when it say 0 is a virtual 0 and not actual but, as close as can be depending on the quality and calibration of the meter you use. Does this mean that when reading 0 you could still have a high conductivity reading?

  And how does one deal with the stats in most Apisto books which say the readings are usually very low like less than 1?

  What pH would their water be and where would the alkalinity or acidity come from?
I would suppose some would have to be from the water running down rocks and leaves and trees and stuff like that but, just my imagination. Just curious to see what your thoughts are here?

  Oh yeah by the way ions they are particles which either have a positive or negative charge right? Also read by a meter which measure the time it takes to go from one probe to the next. Is this right?

  There will be a test at the end so please pay attention. 

  It's actually scary because I understand some of what your saying but, I don't want to get too scientific with my fish they might stop spawning for me.<G>

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