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Re: maulbruter spawn

Well congrats are in order for you too Sal

2 females holding is cool... i really love this fish, such nice
colors... not bright and gawdy but very subtly nice...females look good
too.   my group consists of 1 male and 3 females... all wild caught.
Im hoping that with 2 older females and a younger male that this makes
for a good formula.... the younger female that is the same age as the
male seems to be pressured into hiding alot lately by the older bigger

And Mike...... no blue goop this time, just very radical water temp
change in the past 2 days, from the mid 90s to mid 70s as the northeast
cooled off yesterday after that scorching heat we had all of last
week....  but hey, it didnt snow, so im not complaining..... lol... that
comes next month at the end of august again.


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