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Re: egg color

I feed grindals, daphnia, frozen brine shrimp,
bbs, and flake.  Is this bad?  Should I use a certain brand of flake? 
Thanks, Teresa

No, Actually you seem like your doing a real good job. I actually got tired of messing with the grindal worms. The only other things I use not on your list is cyclop-eeze and black worms. I know where my black worms come from and when they come in fresh and I also pay special attention to cleaning. I also get this really premium grade spirulina from a friend of mine in NJ who is a wholesaler. I have a few fish so I can get it bulk. I mix it with everything. No fish meal or anything just pure green ocean smelling spirulina plus he also has the cyclop-eeze. It's for when you feel lazy. Actually my fish had to get use to it but, the protein level and the color enhancement is great. Well, that's it. Take care and as long as the fish are coming out fine don't worry what color their eggs are.
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