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Re: A. sp "cara pintada"

Greg, Sal, Mike.... You guys!!!!!!!

Now its been at least 2 years since i drank any of that blue goop......
and the only one on this list that remembers actually seeing me drink
this stuff...... i think..... was Julio and Maybe Zman!!!   It was 4am
downstairs in Cleveland at the 2000 ACA that Mike Schadle made me drink
the stuff..... Dont i ever get a break??? lol

Now greg.... i cant help it i have this wonderful water..... but
everyone out in the northwest has basically the same kind of water....
if i remember right.... oregon, Canadian BC has this soft slightly
acidic water too.... They just gotta learn to sing..... helps to be
first generation Italian American sometimes.... When the moon hits your
eye like a big pizza pie thats amore........ok ok.... so Dean and Ole
Blues eyes aint gotta worry about me stepping on their toes......but i
sound good in the shower!

truthfully i believe a good diet, clean water and patience is really the
key..... i have friends that spawn some nice apistos in Montreal and
their water is horrible for apistos without treating it.   So just goes
to show..... give em what they need and Mother Nature will do the

Johnny Blue Goop

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