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Difficult females

Hi y'all,

Are some female apistos too feisty to breed?  This female
aggie of mine is so feisty that she bit off part of her
partner's tail as soon as he was introduced to her.  Now my
male aggie has a lyretail.  This female spawned a few times
but nothing came out of it each time.  She comes out of her
hiding after a few days and starts guarding live food I give
them chasing the male away every time he gets near.  I had
them in my medium hard water (pH of 7.2 and 80ppm GH) since
they were born and raised in well water harder than my tap.
Dropping the softness of the tank water by replacing 25%
with DI water did not help.  I am going to soften their
water a lot more to see if this is going to make any

Right now I am actually having a difficulty with three of my
female apistos.  The aforementioned feisty aggie, A. sp. Rio
mamore and double red cacatuoides females are all guarding
live food I give them and chasing their partners away.  They
have no eggs or fry.  All these females are young adults.
Next to their tanks borellii and orange flash cacatuoides
females were pumping out so many fry in my medium hard tap
water  I had to separate the pairs.  They all have the same
type set up and the same water parameters.  I change 50% of
their water every week.  A few months ago I convinced my
trifasciata female to quite fooling around like that by
turning her tank water into just about pure H2O.  Is this
what it takes?  Or are some females just too tough to breed?


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