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RE: Difficult females

Jerry I have also had the best luck with magic worm bedding I don’t know why it works better but It does with all my worm cultures.



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To keep from feeding dirt with grindal worms lay a small piece of plexiglass on top of the culture and feed on top of the glass the worms will crawl onto the glass and you can get them with your finger or you can dip the glass in the tank to feed.


Thanks for the info Steve,
  I guess I never really had a good culture going cause I hardly ever seen any as much as I tried. Yes, I tried with the glass. Some told feed on top and some said on the bottom. Either way it was hard to tell if there were many worms or if it was just the food. I used oatmeal and sometimes fish food. Maybe I'll get a new culture and give it another shot.
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