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Re: [ghemsath@att.net: RE: Magic worm bedding]

In a message dated 7/27/2002 6:21:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ocarroll@acm.org writes:

Following the link I found the Magic Worm dealer; but did not find any thing
on the Magic Worm Bedding
So where do you get the Magic Worm Bedding ?

Here the link right to the worm bedding. You can also check their home page
for more info on stuff. I just got a kick out of it. I guess I never thought of having a website for selling worms and bedding and stuff like that. This was all concerning a good way to culture grindal worms for Apistos to eat if anyone hasn't followed the link. It was suggested that this bedding was a more successful way of culturing the worms.


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