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The new Digital Aquarium update

Hi all ,
I'm getting close to the Apistogramma Galleria completion on the new TDA site.Once this job is done I 'll go ahead and delete the Galleria part on the old website.I'll only leave the homepage and discussion list on the old site for a while.
I like to ask again if anybody is interested in maintaining the Galleria part of the old site in order for people to post their fish photos for ID or whatever reasons.
I'll have to delete the Galleria section first ,(trust me it's pretty much screwed up) and re-install it,if you like to keep it going.This will give you 30mb of free webspace.
Please e-mail e off list if you're interested in becoming a webmanager of the old TDA site.
Thank you all for visiting "The Digital Aquarium"
Max Gallade'

Visit "The Digital Aquarium" and L&M Tropicals at: http://clix.to/Apisto or at http://www.apisto.bravepages.com
E-mail: mgallade@hotmail.com

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