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Re: Apisto sp

Hi David!

Thanks a lot that was what I was thinking but as I had lost contact about scientifically news there was that little doubt with me. Obviously the people working there are not aware that it is not a valid name, as I was speaking to people there about the fish and none of them was able  to tell me what was behond that, maybe trades' secrets. They had also some nice Apistogramma Agassizi in stock, obviously the blue form.

Thanks Cheers


  David Soares <apistodave@bendcable.com> a écrit :

I know one thing, that xinguensis is one of those zamboanga fish! What that means Yann is thta it is probably a common name-there is no such scientific name xinguensis in the apistogramma. Someone is making them up again!
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 Hi everyone!

first as I am new to the list I 'd like to introduce myself! My name is Yann Fulliquet , I am 25 yrs old and live in Lausanne Switzerland. Currently I have 2 pairs of Cleithacara maronii. My previous experiences with dwarf cichlids resume with A. agassizi, cacatuoides and Macmasteri which I managed to bred

I also have many Corydoras spp and Loricariids, I manage to breed several of them!

So here is my question, I would like to know if anyone has an idea of the name of the species of Apistogramma is behind the "Apistogramma sp Brasil" on the stock list of Turkys Aquariium Ltd!?

I was also able to see an Apistogramma labelled in some tank as A. xinguensis, is it a new species or simply a commercial name as I suspect?

In advance thanks for your respond



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Yahoo! Mail -- Une adresse @yahoo.fr gratuite et en français !