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Hi David,

I know that you are close friend of Uwe.
For more than 1 months I'm trying to contact him via e-mail box on
apistogramma idiots server but without success. Is there any other way of
contact him?

BTW My friend and I can help so if you need (or your friends) such support
just let us know. We are living a little closer to Germany (or flooded
area) than you ;-).

Have a nice day.

Miroslaw Zarow
Szczecin (160 km from Berlin), Poland

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Od: David Soares
Do: apisto@listbox.com
Wyslano: 23 sierpnia 2002 01:27

Hey everyone because of the flooding in Europe Uwe has asked me to come
over on a fishrescue mission. Many of the breeders are having problems and
I am going over to see what's up----any requests?
Soft Water Dwarf Cichlids
David Soares & Uwe Romer
14697 S Bluegrass LN
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