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feisty food

Hey all,
I apologize for this off-topic post, but it is so funny I had to share. And this is the only group I belong to (well other than the Badis group, but that gets NO traffic).
Anyway, my fiance was culling some bettas today so she put an adult male betta in the 125 gallon tank with our pike cichlid. The pike charged out to eat the betta as it had all the others Denise put in. At the last moment the betta flared at the cichlid. The cichlid stopped and didn't know what to make of this. After contemplating the situation for a moment the pike turned tail and went back to his cave. He came out a few times, showing fear stripes, and checked out the betta but didn't attempt to eat it again. I just found this very amusing!
However this only delayed the inevitable, the Indian shovel-nosed catfish finished the job.


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