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Re: Problem with Aggie

My double red aggie's eggs are magenta
colored.  I have a trio in my heavily planted
20L.  This set up works really well for me
even with my trifasciata trio (my trifasciata
male is such a devil.)  My female aggie is
guarding her second batch of free swimmers
right now, chasing her first batch of babies
away.  I think 20L is a nice size for most
apisto trio's.

At first this female spawned and ate her
eggs.  This happened several times.  Then I
softened the water to GH of 2 or less and she
successfully came out with her free swimmers.
I guess she got the hang of it then. The
second batch was born in my medium hard tap
water.  I was worried that the eggs may not
hatch in my regular tap water but they did
just fine.  I have a second female in
training right now.  She failed a few times
so far but I am sure she will eventually
learn to raise her fry, too.


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