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Re: Problem with Aggie and trifasciata

In a message dated 9/8/2002 7:31:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tomokoschum@knology.net writes:

trio (my trifasciata
male is such a devil.)  My female aggie is
guarding her second batch of free swimmers
right now, chasing her first batch of babies
away.  I think 20L is a nice size for most
apisto trio's.

  I too keep a bunch of Aggies a lot are leaving this week but, just enough will stay to keep them coming. Actually I have a 30L a 20L and another tank holding the ones leaving, all just for Aggies. I'm an aggie nut. The Aggies mostly have these caves I got at this one pet chain store. It looks like an oblong rock. Some guy is selling the same ones on Aquabid. I got them at the store for a few bucks each. They seem to like them but, you don't get to see eggs. I do think egg color is influenced by food they eat also
  You mentioned trifasciata. I just had my first spawn on Fri. of trifasciata. After moving two pairs from different tanks both pairs ended up in a 30L. Pots at each end Java moss sponge filter my typical breeding setup. The pair at the one end got it done first. Check this out. According to that popular book going around they are supposed to be Monogamous <> Well, after the fry were free swimming both males sat together on top of the sponge filter while the female without a spawn tried to go after the female with the spawn. Well, you know how tuff those yellow girls get. She did a good job protecting the babies.

  I watched for a while and when I was sure Dad wasn't going to help out I put up a divider. Now Mom is on one side with the fry and the two males and other female are on the other. I've always learned that books are a good guide but, things don't always go the way they say...<G> Glad for the babies though. Thank God once again for what I consider a blessing.

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