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Re:Putting fishroom back together was Re: Problem with Aggie

On Mon, 9 Sep 2002, William Vannerson wrote:

> I must have been asleep at the PC.  When did you tear down your
> fishroom and why?

Hi Bill,

We decided to tile our basement, which is divided into both our fishroom
and bedroom.  The carpet was getting too soaked from the occasional water
change "accidents".  So we ripped it all out.  But the fish had to go
somewhere during the month we remodeled, so they got moved into our
garage, all the tanks turned sideways, and shoplights layed across the
tops of the tanks.  It's not easy to cram that many tanks in so small a
space.  Basically we couldn't see anything for a whole month.

I got really good at shuttling the tanks from one room to the other, built 
some dollys for carrying the water tubs, and used a 2-way radio to signal 
Kathy "Hey, another tank's ready to go" so we could carry it.

We ended up painting the racks dark blue (taking a cue from Randy Carey).  
I also rewired all the lighting hoods to be more accessible & removable 
during cleanings.  We're also downsizing the number of tanks, but upsizing 
the volume.  It's a much more cheery place to hang out now.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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