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Re: Re:Putting fishroom back together was Re: Problem with Aggie


Yes, that is what those amazon tetra's we collected grew too.  And I 
thought it was bad when the ate the school of rummy nose tetras.

No, that is a 43 lb yellowtail (not yellowtail tuna) that I caught fishing 
back in Mexico in 96.  Never thought I would find a guy that would let me 
put that on the wall.   :)   (not nearly as impressive as the 252 lb 
Halibut, but that fish was 6ft 1 and way to neat to eat).  


On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, William Vannerson wrote:

> Is that one of your "F10" tetras on the wall?   ;-)
> Bill Vannerson
> McHenry, IL
> http://vannerson.home.att.net/

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