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Re: RO and chlorine

In a message dated 9/14/2002 11:16:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time, apistorama@fancifulfins.com writes:

Does an RO unit remove chlorine and chloramins (sp?) from the RO unit? I
am assuming it does. But does it also remove chlorine and chloramins from
the "waste" water?

Now Eric,
if it were anyone but, you I would simply give you a Yes or No answer but, seeing how it's you I think you should have already learned this by now. I'm assuming the water in Texas is not only Big but, has stuff in it like chloramine that you might not be use it from Urbanna. I would like you to learn. Now you don't have to buy a Kent unit but, they have a really nice easy step program to determine which RO or RO/Di Unit you would need but, it also teaches you what an RO unit does and does not. So here is your assignment for today. Go to: http://www.kentmarine.com/ezstep.html
Oh yeah by the way.. I am routing for the Bears tomorrow they better win.<G>
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