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RE: Apistos in Texas?

Here in austin aquatek's the best place. Over in amazonia they just don't keep 
the fish as nice as they used too and they're starting to sell less and less 
apistos or rare fish. However on friday nights (from 9-11 pm) amazonia has a 
discount on all fish (10% off) I think. it's called happy hour. Everybody at 
aquatek is very knowledgeable and they have a great selection and all of their 
fish are in great shape too!


>===== Original Message From "Bailin Shaw" <bailin_shaw@hotmail.com> =====
>Okay.  Thanks.  :-)  Both have a varied selection of fish.  If you go to
>Amazonia, ask for Caroline.  She's the owner and is very good person to talk
>to.  Ask for Marcus at Aquatek.  Very nice guy and is a fountain knowledge.
>Let him know I sent you.

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