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Re: OCA Ex

Hello Zman...

I got mine reserved already.. now i just gotta wait and see if I have to
get a roommate to share costs for the weekend.   Brownie just might
share room with me... Imagine the stories being told after that
weekend.... lol.... I'll have no secrets left at all!!!!

But seriously folks , if you havent ever made it to one of the Ohio
Cichlid Associations Cichlid Extravaganzas... you gotta go... This is an
awesome weekend.... lots of great talks by really well known people...
lots of great fish, brought in from all over the country.... and best of
all ..... Lots of great people.... I enjoy this weekend more then i did
most ACA's i've been to... except the blue goop drinking ACA that was in
cleveland in 2000 at the airport... I'll never live that one down... 8-)


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