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Re: 'Tino' pictures URL

In a message dated 10/1/2002 1:09:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time, apistowise@fgn.net writes:

Still they may only be different
populations of the same fish. I'd need a lot of
photos of both fish, males & females, in various
moods to be sure. The eunotus-like fish are so
damnably difficult to ID from just a few photos.

Mike Wise

  Mine originally came from Zack as wild Moae. One good thing is I just did some trading with Max and he now has some of my Juvies so soon you will be able to see Good Pictures of the Juvies that I traded with Max. We traded a few things mostly classics (Borellii, cacatuoides etc..) just to keep our own lines fresh and so we don't overbreed the same pairs of fish. I'm sure Max will let you know when the PICS are ready He seemed quite happy with the Borellii and the Mamore. I think this is a good thing all around.  I actually got to talk to him on the phone. He's a neat guy, really something how a person can be so different in your mind until you've spoken to him. He still wasn't able to get too many words in because yes I talk as much as I type.

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