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L. flavilabris

Hi all,.
  Does anyone have a good breeding color photo of full grown L. flavilabris? I had this fish about 20 years ago having come upon a wild pair that originated thru Wayne Leibel. What I recall about the pair was the very changeable and dark breeding colors of this fish.In addition, it was a large Laetacara with the male being about 4 inches and a prolific breeder. Finally, the most noteworthy characteristic was the very long dorsal and anal fin extensions (both male and female) which extended well beyond the end of the caudal fin.These tremendously flowing fins made for a very attractive fish.  I'd like to reaquire this fish if possible  but I am not now sure of the ID. It seems that L.thayeri may more fit this description as to size and coloration. However, I've never seen thayeri with the fin extensions or in breeding colors. Perhaps there was still confusion on IDs at that time? Does Wayne participate in this forum? Perhaps he remembers and can comment.
..............thanks.........................Ron Schulz