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Re: German Blue Rams/ Wild Caught... now wild variations

In a message dated 10/11/2002 5:32:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, barbax2@yahoo.com writes:

I have been line breeding. so anyone else have
thoughts on Ram population variations. The prettiest
Rams I ever saw were ones that I could only describe
as being mostly red all ove rthey had a red kinda glow
to them of course this is all subtle and shows best
when they are in the proper environment.

Dave Sanchez

  Not smart enough to comment on the population variations but, I can comment on the way they look in the proper environment. One of the things that is included in that is light. My German Strain Blue Ram (NO not W/C) when in the right light or when you take a PIC of it really shows the Blue color but, now if you put him/her under and orange type light or a cool white or whatever it makes a big difference to how they look. Planted tanks, white sand, so many different things compliment and bring out different colors in the Rams to the point if you give someone a pair, they might say hey these aren't what I saw. Then you have explain the whole lighting thing and then they will see what they saw. Did I say that? see what they saw.<G> hehehe
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