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Upcoming OCA

Hello Everyone

We have 3 weeks to go until the Ohio Cichlid Associations Cichlid

I was wondering, who from the list was planning on going?   It would be
nice to see a whole bunch of us show up and get together and talk some

I'll be arriving sometime early friday evening... depends on what time i
get going in the morning from Northern NY... I've got about a 9.5 hour

If you havent been to one of the OCA's Extravaganza's... they are a
really good time.  Cleveland is one of them Hotbed for cichlids.. you'll
find just about everything you can think of all over from New world
stuff to old world stuff.
The Hotel itself in Strongsville is a really nice hotel... there are
several really good resteraunts in the area, plus some outstanding pet
shops too....   Best of all is a 6 story hotel full of ppl selling and
trading Cichlids..!!!!

So i hope to see you all out there..... I know i cant wait to go!!!   

Tundra Johnny..... yes, winter HAS arrived in the frozen North!!

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