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Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

After several times spawning with no results, then dead females, then
dead males.... i now have a what I think looks like a successful spawn
from my Apisto Sp Maulbruter.    My female has been guarding a cave for
several days now, bright yellow and even with the male guarding the area
around the flower pot from the many tankmates ( A. Heckelii and B.
Cupido), I decided to take a peak inside the flower pot.... BINGO!!!!
about 35 bright cherry red eggs!!!  Woohoo.....   Now lets see what
hatchs out.    I've been attempting to get fry from this species for
about 1 1/2 years now.   I just cant wait to see wigglers.....

Had to share.......8-)

Tundra Johnny

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