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In a message dated 11/16/2002 11:05:09 AM Eastern Standard Time, poppycat_2000@yahoo.com writes:

I am trying to register for the OCA.  However, I can't
access the site.  Does anyone have a contact number or
know the address I could mail my check to?


  I couldn't get through to their site either. I already send my registration in so I don't have a copy. I did find the below article which list a e-mail address you might want to try.
Ohio Cichlid Association Northeast Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza 2002
Includes speakers such as Rusty Wessel, Dr. Jay Stauffer, Ad Konings, Rainer Stawikowski and Ingo Siedel. Preregister by November 9, 2002, for the special registration package at $20 per person, which includes full registration and an Extravanganza 2002 t-shirt. For the registration form, auction and show rules, show classes and schedules, visit www.ohiocichlid.com. For more information, you can also contact madbigfoot@aol.com.
Where Strongsville Holiday Inn Select
Strongsville Ohio
When 11/22/2002 - 11/24/2002


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