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aweful quiet here lately

Hey People

I dont see much traffic here lately...... does this mean everyones fish
died or stopped breeding or is everyone just frozen to death .?????

Well you all missed an excellent weekend in Cleveland..... drove through
the blizzard twice to get there..... first time up around Erie Pa and
then down around the Ohio border all the way into Cleveland. ...... dont
matter , snow isnt going to stop Tundra John from going to a Cichlid
show and auction.   

Was nice to meet Francine for the first time, chatted on the phone
several times but always a pleasure to meet in person..... Was great to
see Zman, Brownie, Kent Sahr, Mike C, Al Y, again.... was nice to meet
some other list members too, people i had never met before.   Of course
im terrible with names until i've yacked with you a hundred times.......
was sad to realize that Zach didnt make it and neither could Mike
Jacobs.   Mike Wise should have been there to show us more slides of
those new apistos..... 

I did manage to come home with alot of new fish, imagine that..... i
bought so much stuff i passed on hitting "the Fish Place" in North
Tonowanda on the way home, and believe me thats a hard thing to pass

NO Blue Goop this year.... but i was handed pics of me with the little
test tubes that once held blue goop from that imfamous night.. i didnt
know there was photographic evidence of that night.... YIKES!!!!!!   Now
there is the new subject to talk about ..... Cardboard!!   But if you
werent there, it wasnt that good..... Im sure Brownie will tell you all
about it.... remember the motto... look twice before yelling at
housekeepers..... lol     Oh well, my bad. lol

But i did acquire some Atahualpa, Jurua, Cruzi and some Aggie red
tails....plus a lot of other stuff..... so if you didnt make it this
year, you were missed!!!   And was lots of pizza this year.

Tundra John

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