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Re: Snail problems

Hello David

Here's what you have to do.... go to the store, buy a new tank, set it
up just like the one the Cacatuoides are in.... move the fish to this
tank , smash the living heck outta the old tank .... snails are
gone!!!!!!  That problems is solved. lol

Well.... ok,..... so thats not how to really do it.   But you arent
going to like my idea.... I would break it down and reset it up... I
have yet to find anything that really kills all pond snails..... some
always get left behind and Voila!!! you have More snails again!!!   

Anyways..... this is what i do...   If someone else out there tells you
ways to kill them snails with some chemicals.... great.... I hate adding
any kind of chemicals to my tanks..... Stubborn old kraut here i

The snails had to come in on some plants... if you are going to add new
plants to your tanks and you dont want snails in there, make sure you
treat your plants before adding them to the breeding tanks.   Kill the
snails before they get in there is the best way to keep them out.

Anyways,..... good luck

Tundra Johnny

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