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Re: who gets to decide apisto names?

Hi Y'all. Since my fish are the topic of discussion. I thought I'll give you any info I have on these fish. They are all wild caught fish from Peru, I've been told from new areas just opened up due to logging. I got in some inka 50 and sold them out fast.
David Soares got some of each of the new fish and is taking pictures and sending them to Uwe to help ID.
hauswell appears to be a new species
marie is most likely a new color morph of bittaeniata, possible cf brick red or maybe mendezi.
Painted face may also be new.
The others may be new collection location of know species or new color morphs or possible new species. 
I used the trade names I received the fish under along with a picture on Aquabid. 
New fish are cool! 
I'll let y'all know anything else I find out.  Ken
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Subject: who gets to decide apisto names?

The hauswell looks a lot like maulbruter to me


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