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Re: Albinism and Aggression

Ok , I have a question for all of you

With all the fine breeders on this list, has anyone actually ever had
any Albino fry???
I know that with all the different species i have worked with and
spawned in the past, I have NOT ever seen any apisto fry that was an
Albino.... because if I had, i would certainly have seperated it from
the brood immediately to be able to get it to live to an adult size.   I
know that be leaving it with the rest of the brood , its' chances of
surviving would have been very slim.   

As with other cichlids, i know albinos do pop up from time to time.   I
just thought it would be neat to establish an Albino strain of some
species of apistogramma.    Anyone else have any thoughts on this??

Tundra John

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