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Re: Movie Clip

Snow ......  does a bear ##@% in the woods??
Of course we got snow...... but not as much as it did downstate near
Albany.... My sister got almost a foot and a half with this last
storm.... finally a good reason to live in the Mts... we only got around
6 inches or so... not too bad.

I bet that tank with all those apistos looks awesome.... Up north in
Montreal.... there is a pet shop called Aquarius down on Jean Talon that
has a 14 foot long tank that is planted and is the most awesome looking
tank i have ever seen with fresh water fish.    Everything in this tank
is huge!!!! Cardinal tetras, black Phantom Tetras.... you name it, what
ever goes into this tank is just amazing.... they had a pair of Keyhole
Cichilds in there a few years back that were breeding and raising fry in
that tank... it was soo cool to see the parents toting fry all over the
planted tank.... true cichlid behavior if you could ever see it.    So i
can imagine how nice Nicks tank looks..... 

Cant wait to see it


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