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A trip to the UK:-)

I've just got back from an 8 day visit to the UK (my girlfriend looked after my fry for me:-).)
I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to Scouser Ray for putting me up and giving me all of his nice fry:-). Unfortunately none of the D. Maculatus made it:-(.
On the other hand I was able to get the A.staeki, A. rupununi and Taeniacara candidi back without misshap (lost 1 Candidi), not bad considering they were all bagged up for 4 days!
While I was with Ray I was also able to pick up some westies (P. taeniata "Wouri" and "Keinki" - great quality fish) I'd recommend anybody interested to get down to Pier aquatic. I was also able to get into BAS, unfortunately no Apistos (except for a male Bitaeniata - for which I already had a female) but I got some females for my Cren. regani as well as some shell dwellers, the Brevis are really beautiful.
On my way home I was able to get into Wholesale aquatic in  Bethnal Green and picked up some Cren. Mendezesi, still unsexable - I hope I got a pair, more shell dwellers and some really pretty Rams as well as Laetecaras thaeyeri, curviceps and dorsigera:-). Lucky I've got some spare tanks! I love these fishing trips and the guys I meet are all the best. Ray is always one of the most generous people you could expect to meet, he just needs to get on and breed those elizabethae:-).

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