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Re: eggs and fungal infection

I used to rinse apistogramma eggs with hydrogen peroxide before putting it into a small plastic container (with pot and all) and starting an airstone. I either kept the surface where the eggs are adhered to vertical or facing downward to keep anything from settling on it. I learned this trick from Killifish breeders.

Ed Pon Milpitas, California 95035

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In a message dated 1/7/2003 9:48:13 AM Eastern Standard Time,
tomokoschum@knology.net writes:

> Due to the tank space shortage, now my fry are in a plastic shoe box fry
> container (ingenious invention by a Discus breeder) floating in a 29 gallon
> tank with a Tetra's sponge filter (the one with an elbow attachement on
> top) sending in filtered water continuously from the main tank.
> Tomoko
I too have used Methylene blue. I also heard from an old Angel breeder he use
to just use tap water with the chlorine still in it. By time the fry hatched
the chlorine would be goon but, it was supposed to take care of Bac and

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