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Re: eggs and fungal infection

Hey Mike

Thank God you're a math Teacher and not an English Grammar teacher
lol...... sorry about that...... but your fingers had to be going twice
the speed of your brain lol...

But that is a neat observation about the spawning habit of your
Cacatuoides.... just goes to show you that Apistos might also be open
spawners as opposed to strictly cave spawners.... If you have ever had a
pair spawn in the corner of a bare bottom tank, this shows that they
will spawn out in the open if necessary.   So to spawn in a "Plant like"
material..( we killifish ppl use yarn mops to simulate fine leaf plants
for our fish to spawn on or in.) is really not out of the question for
our apistos.....  What amazes me is,  that you didnt hurt the apisto
eggs when you moved them with your fingers.... I imagine they arent hard
like killie eggs....good job not squishing them!!

John " In Balmy Tupper Lake, 85F and sunny"


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