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Re: Sponge Filters

In a message dated 1/9/2003 4:28:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, WnyZman@aol.com writes:

      As soon as I started using the HydroSponge filters I never even looked for anything else. The thing about them is that the sponge itself is always off the ground and can be set for 2 levels. Fry never get stuck under them.

  I have to agree with Pops.<G> I've got about 4 different sponge filters in use now including that new Ocra which has the airline fed through the bottom. The Hydro Sponge is my favorite. I hook a small piece of airline tube to a coarse airstone and hook it inside filter. That way when you hook your airline up you get a better group of bubbles and water flow instead of that heavy bubbling you get without the airstone.
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