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Re: beefheart recipe

Hi Steve,
The original recipe was from Erik Leung(e-aquaria). I had it posted on my old website.
Unfortunately, Erik removed it from his site and I deleted most of the content of the old Digital Aquarium.
However, I do make a new batch every three month and don't follow the original recipe to much. I just add what I have laying around
Here's my current version of the recipe:
1- Apple
2- Carrots
10-20 Cloves of Garlic
2-small Jars Gerber Baby food/each of these varieties:
Split pea
Mixed Veggies
1- 2lbs of frozen Krill or Shrimp
2 lbs frozen Mysis Shrimp( if you have Mysis available )
4-Lbs Beefheart thoroughly cleaned and cut in cubes. Remove all fat and Muscle tissue
2-handfull of flake food (Any good flake food will do,I use plankton Gold fromm BS direct)
2Tbsp-Wheat Germ
1- Tbsp Paprika
A few Multivatimin tabletts pulverized
Mix all incredients except the beefheart in a foodprocessor . Set aside.
Chop the beefheart in foodprocessor until you reach a nice consistency and all big pieces are chopped up.
Take a big pot and mix every thing together with a mixer.
Put in 1-gallon Ziplock bags. Freeze and cut in cubes.
P.S. I also have a mean recipe for Sauerbraten Westphalian style made from scratch :).
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From: "Steve Hatfield or Kim Rogers-Hatfield" <stevekim@indy.net>
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Subject: beefheart recipe
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 10:46:41 -0500

Hello I think it was this list that had a recipe for beefheart food it
had apples and several other things in it Anyone still got that recipe?
My fish loved it.

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