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Re: Inca fry

Matt......over the years with apistos there have been many heated arguments
as to when to take the fry from the young.  Trying to avoid any of that I
would ask you to consider a couple of things:

1)  in nature how long would you think the mother can keep control of all
the fry........my personal opinion is you have just about gotten there!
2)  the fry that get away from the mother at this point ......in the
wild.......are probably doing just fine.....or have been eaten by other
fish.....they will be fine in
      your other tank!
3)  the 'mothering imprinting'....if you buy that idea....of the motherly
care has already PROBABLY been accomplished.......so all is fine.
4)  very soon the parents.....female......are going to want to come into
season again.  Then the fry are in real danger.  That time is rapidly
5)  caring for a 'heard' of fry is exhausting work......you are wearing down
the female possibly at this point.  Give her a break before the next spawn.
6)  what do you wish to watch....how long they will keep the fry or watching
the whole process over again.....your call here!

7)  CONGRATULATIONS on the successful spawn of a brand new fish....that's


Mike Jacobs
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