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Asylum in the USA.....

Hey folks....

I made my little trip up to Canada to my Montreal Aquarium Society
meeting last night to see Gary Elson give a presentation on keeping
Apistogramma....   Very nice talk Gary!!
I did keep getting the "evil look" every time he talked about keeping
"bare bottomed tanks" as opposed to "HIS" natural planted set ups....
Maybe it's just me feeling guilty here.  8-)

Anyways.... I managed to help some really neat fish seek Asylum from
Canada and Oliver Lucanus..... Of course there was a substanial fee
involved in this..  but i helped:

Apistogramma Elizabethae
Apistogramma Inca
Apistogramma Norberti
Apistogramma Bitaeniata
Apistogramma Nijsenni
Apistogramma Meinkeni
Apistogramma Agassizi Alenquer
Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange Flash

They all were seeking to escape Canada.... which they did, but are now
held captive in my house!!!!     Maybe come spring time ( i know , what
the hell is springtime??  We dont get one of them up here) I can release
some of their potential offspring....   Too bad for some others I didnt
have the room to help them escape... There was some beautiful other
apistos begging me for help..... Maybe on the next trip over the

Tundra Johnny...... only -4F now... but going down to -20something
tonight....... again!!!

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