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Re: Nanochromis nudiceps

Dear  David,

Mike Wise and I are in agreement here.  N. nudiceps is rarely, if ever, imported into the US.  Actually, there is controversy even today as to whether or not the two forms constitute separate species.  When Boulenger described N. nudiceps in 1899, no holotype was designated, only paratypes.  Consequently, in their description of N. parilus (1976), Roberts and Stewart had to designate a lectotype from Boulenger's preserved material and found that at least one of the specimens was identical to their N. parilus.  So, it would appear that the two forms are either the same species or are very closely related species.  Both forms are endemic to the lower Congo drainage and are syntopic.

Your LFR probably has the much more common N. parilus, but I could be wrong.  Both species are rheophilic riverine fish, do well in planted tanks with soft slightly acidic or slightly alkaline water, a fine substrate and are cave spawners.  With Nanochromis, water quality is important.  Males tend to be rough on females, so plenty of hiding places should be offered, and their tank should not be too small.

Good luck with them.  They are beautiful little fish.

Randall Kohn