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new experiment

Well today was the day that i moved my group of Apistogramma Atahualpa
into the 55 gallon tank i set up a few days ago.... I planted it with
lots of Hygrophila, mini onion plants, rose swords and other sword
plants... just need to add some crypts to make it look right...  Anyways
i let the tank run for a few days to let it settle down and clear....
Today I figured the tank was ready for some Inhabitants.... so a group
of 1 male and 5 female Atahualpa made the journey from the other
fishroom ( my second bedroom in my 2 bedroom apt lol ) and put them into
the tank here in my bedroom...

Already the females are curious and exploring the tank..... i have many
flower pots set up all over the tank to give them cover and potential
breeding places..... The male has already occupied the large flower pot
in the center of the tank....  Only thing im debating is whether i want
to add my coral red pencil fish group to this tank.... I figured they
would like the tank and would look good in there plus give the apistos a
feel of security by swimming around.
I'll decide that tomorrow..... 

I just hope that the fish like the new digs and soon go into spawning
mode!!!   The group is of adult size and should be ready to spawn given
the room they now have.....   I'll keep you all posted as to
progress....   I just wanted to share this bit of excitement for me with

Thanks for listening to my ramblings...

Tundra Johnny

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