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Need to get rid of your fish?

Hello all,
I was talking with the guy who works at my LFS a few days ago and we were talking what to do with all your extra fish after you get a few spawns from your favorite Apistos. He said that if we can get enough people with enough fish, that we could send a shipment to Holland to the place where his pet store gets some of their fish. Now we wouldn't get much per fish, probably only around $2 to $4 a fish. But at least it is something, plus it helps get those fish out of your fish room and clears up space to breed more species! You would have to ship the fish here so unless you have a lot of fish it might not be worth it to you, although it depends on how desperate you are to clear up some space! However if you are in the Austin area you might want to seriously consider this. I don't have all the details right now. If there is enough interest then I will look into this further. If you are interested, please email me off list at: apistorama@fancifulfins.com


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