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Re: apistos and philodendron

So far, so good.....
but rumor has it, you should wait at least till the cuttings have developed some roots !
...then put it in the tank....and watch it grow :-)

The reason behind this , supposingly, the fresh cut will release some kind of
chemicals into the water and this will not enhance the water quality, of course depending
on tank size, etc......

My $ 0,02


Steve Hatfield or Kim Rogers-Hatfield wrote:

Stick a piece in the water and stand back mine are started in a 55 stuck behind the cover next to the heater it has grown 20 ft in about 8 months half way around the basement it has rooted into many tanks along the way.



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Thanks for your enthusiastic replies everyone!  Jacques, I'm not sure which type of philodendron it was that I saw. 

Any advice out there on schemes to set up the plants?

Thanks, again,



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