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Re: Receiving fish.

First off ...... i wouldnt change any pH in your tanks until you see
what the pH of the water that the fish came in..... match that for now
and then you can adjust the pH to where ever you want it to go....

As for planted vs barebottom tanks..... truly makes no difference which
you use...   I put my fish that i bought from Oliver into barebottom
tanks until they adjusted to my water then I moved some fish into
planted tanks..... most are still in barebottom tanks with lots of
flower pots, plants in plastic pots... no gravel....  lots of cover so
the fish can hide from each other if necessary.

Word to the wise on the Elizabethae..   I bought 2 pairs from Oliver....
keep them seperate... the males really dont like each other..... mine
chased each other alot.... if you get multiple pairs.... put one pair to
a tank....  you'll be happy when they both survive and you dont lose one
fish..... I still have 2 pairs!!!!  

You will find that Olivers water is generally soft and near neutral.   I
had no problem getting my fish use to my water which is slightly acid
and very soft.... Not like buying fish from someone keeping them in hard
alkaline water and not telling you about it..... Always test the water
out of the bags from the fish you buy!!   Good rule of thumb....

Good luck with the Canditi..... I didnt know he had any of them, must
have gotten them in recently..... I'll be in Montreal next week, have to
give Oliver a buzz.....8-)

Tundra John

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