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Re: Apistogrammoides

> From: Jim
> Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 1:29 AM
> Great! I have some Pucallas as well. How are you keeping yours?

pH 7.2, 80 ppm hardness, 60 ppm alkalinity, conductivity 170 µS, temp 82
F/28 C

55-gal "Show" with sand and stacked river rock substrate - plenty of hiding
spaces and caves

200-gal/hr canister with sponge pre-filter - plenty of current

recently (and sparsely) planted with Java Moss and Sawtooth Hygrophila

other occupants include 3 Dicrossus filamentosus, six Gertrudae Rainbows,
the white fry I mentioned a month or so ago (developing into a Borellii male
after all, not Cockatoo) and three other Apistogrammoides for a total of 5


Diet consists of frozen spirulina/selcon-enriched Artemia, frozen
Bloodworms, frozen Glass Worms, live Fruit Fly maggots and occasional flake

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