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Hi All,

Wondering how many of you seem to have rather 
accurate readings for PH and hardness values.

What type of test kit or kit or instrument do you use?? 

My tank is coming in piece by piece ... so I am testing 
my tap water ..... ph seems to be 7.5 or 7.6 ...... hardness .... 
well I haven't a clue ...... somewhere between 5 and 8 ..... 
the blue color is hard to get.

Do I need to leave the tap water sit for awhile to bleed off 
the chlorine???  Can that affect the hardness readings?? 

I know I need to treat the water before putting in the tank .... 
but I am doing some pre-work before setting up the tank.

Any thoughts .... comments .... advice .... will be greatly 


Ken G

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