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Bitaeniata male or female?

Hello all,
I've been a lurker for almost 3 years but have come into a dilemma. I have had 
a pair of bitaeniata for almost a year. They have spawned countless times, but 
recently because of school I have not been able to maintain my tanks. And 
therefore have stopped inducing them to spawn. Now it has been about a month 
and my female appears more and more like my male. In fact, it is becoming 
difficult to distinguish between the two. I have heard that this occurs in 
dicrossus spp. Has anywone documented this phenomenon in apistos? Or is the 
female just temporarily morphing until it is time to breed again? She is 
developing a bilobated tail with extensions. Her (its?) back is becoming nice 
and red and her dorsal rays are beginning to extend. Also she has lost the 
black in her ventral fins. She is becoming a fine male specimen :).


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